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Olive Leaf Oral Spray

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Great if I have a sore or itchy throat/mouth.
Although it’s quite pricey for the amount you get, I would appreciate if it was made in a larger container or have a refill.... *Results may vary from Customer to Customer A perfect item to take when travelling - I use it especially when flying, to help protect me from bugs circulating in airplanes. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer Cautions
Olive Leaf Extract is known to have blood glucose lowering and blood pressure lowering effects. 
It is recommended that individuals on anti-hypoglycaemic or anti-hypertensive medications monitor your blood glucose &/or blood pressure closely to maintain within normal limits.  

Caution is also advised to those individuals with naturally low blood glucose or blood pressure. Ingredients
Olive Leaf extract
Peppermint Oil
Sage Leaf extract
Lemon flavouring

Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients