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My Colloidal Silver - Nasal Spray

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This nasal spray is excellent for air travel to keep the nasal passages hydrated and to prevent picking up germs *Results may vary from Customer to Customer I have suffered nasal running and sneezing, along with nasal running due to air conditioning for so long, years in fact. The only thing I had found to completely stop this was Flixonase, which you are only meant to use on a 3 week basis. I was using it continually until I read the book "My Colloidal". Have been using it since I received (approx 7 days), have still had the odd sneeze but wow I'm impressed. Excellent delivery service, was delivered within 24 hours. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer I use this stuff for everything! especially head colds and sniffles and sore throats. The nasal spray helps get it to the back of the throat.
Why didn't I discover this stuff years ago!? *Results may vary from Customer to Customer Cautions
None known when taken as suggested

Do not refrigerate

Keep in dark place away from electro magnetic field Ingredients
Filtered purified water 

Silver ions (

Free from chemicals stabilisers and additives