Sanderson One-A-Day Vision FX 60 Caps

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Sanderson One A Day Vision FX
Vison FX contains a powerful complex of key nutrients indicated to maintain normal healthy vision, particularly as we age. While a healthy eating regime is important many people do not get all the nutrients they need or at the levels required from their food. Sanderson have based the Vision FX formulation on the best available research into nutrient support for optimal eye health, including the large scale US AREDS I and AREDS II studies.
Key Features & Benefits:
-Flax Seed Oil – provides omega 3 and is indicated to maintain normal eye moisture levels.
-Vitamin A 1000iu – helps the retina function normally.
-Vitamin C – helps maintain the condition of the lenses in our eyes.
-Vitamin D3 – low levels of vitamin D are found in people with age-related macular degeneration.
-Lutein – an antioxidant present in the lens and retina that also filters damaging blue light.
-Zeaxanthin – similar to lutein, and performs the same functions.
-Alpha Lipoic Acid – a vitamin-like antioxidant indicated in research to support eye function.
-Natural Vitamin E – antioxidant vitamin that helps the body resist damaging oxidation of cells.
-Zinc – supports the body’s absorption of antioxidants that protect the eye.
-Copper – a crucial trace mineral with multiple roles including supporting eye health.

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