Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream 50g

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A hypoallergenic barrier cream for the daily prevention and care of the early signs of diaper rash and can be used from birth on. Effectively protects the skin against irritation and helps limit bacterial growth. Vitamins B5 and Vitamin F helps to soothe irritation and quickly stop redness. The creamy texture helps protect skin against wetness and prevents chafing from diaper friction with the barrier effect of 10% zinc oxide. Shea butter softens, soothes and nourishes the skin. Paraben, phthalate and phenoxyethanol free. Hypoallergenic and specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Tested under dermatological and pediatric control.
Prevents redness and chafing with the barrier effect of zinc oxide
Helps reduce irritation quickly and encourages cell regeneration with the action of vitamins B5 and F
Helps soothes irritation sensation and softens skin with vitamin B5 and shea butter
Ultra-rich cream leaves a protective film on the skin and that delicate signature Mustela baby scent

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