Liposhell Vitamin C Lipo Sachets 30

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Vitamin C Lipo-Sachets contain vitamin C encapsulated in LIPOSHELL liposomes. These liposomes are bubbles with the centre containing vitamin C in an aqueous solution, surrounded by a double phospholipid barrier. The liposome acts as a protective carrier for the vitamin C, enabling the vitamin C to be transported throughout the body without degradation from digestive enzymes, oxygen or interaction with other medications, resulting in high bioavailability and high absorption.

Support the normal function of the immune system
Supports recovery from ills and chills
Help to protect cells from harmful free-radicals due to antioxidant properties
Support the production of collagen which is essential for the maintenance of the skin, blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums and teeth
Support the formation of connective tissue to assist in the healing of wounds
Support iron absorption
High dose
High absorption
High bioavailability
Sugar free
Alcohol free
Gluten Free
Disperses in water or juice, or can be taken directly from the sachet
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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