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Inika Certified Organic Lip Liner – Dusty Rose accentuates the shape of your lips. It has beautiful, long wearing colour made naturally and formulated to glide on easily, while delivering even colour.

Inika Certified Organic Lip Liner Pencils are a creamy blend of cold pressed plant waxes and oils, added with natural mineral pigments to create beautiful long wearing colour.

Lip liners accentuate the shape of your lips and give your lipstick shade even greater depth of colour and staying power.


  1. When drawing the lip line, draw it in sections, starting with the cupid’s bow in the center of the lip.
  2. Fill in both sides of the top lip, the center of the bottom lip and then the remainder of the bottom lip.
  3. To complete, fill entire lips in with Inika Certified Organic Lip Pencil. If you wish to over draw the lip line, do this minimally with a natural shade when possible.

Make Up Tips:

Thin Lips: To create a fuller lip, trace your Inika organic lip liner slightly on the outside of your lip line.

Overly Full Lips: To make your lips appear smaller use your Inika organic lip liner and trace a line just inside your natural lip line.

Misplaced your lipstick? Use your lip liner as above, and then fill in your lips with your lip pencil.

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