Lip Balm Lemon

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Hurraw Lip Balm Kapha - Grapefruit Ginger & Eucalyptus is a 88% organic, 100% natural lip balm.

An herbal infusion of tulsi. Invigorating and zesty grapefruit subtly melds with stimulating eucalyptus; fresh Malagasy ginger gives warmth. Energizing.

According to Ayurveda there are three Doshas: Vata (wind), Pitta (fire & water), and Kapha (water & earth). These elemental forces manifest into ones mind and body characteristics. A unique combination of these three Ayurvedic principles (Doshas) are present in everyone. 

The Kapha Dosha: steadfast, strong, calm, generous, damp 
Element: water & earth 
Commands: memory, devotion, stamina, density 
Emotions: patience, attachment, sympathy, attentive 
Pacified by: spicy, astringent, arid 
Carthamus tinctorius, Prunus amygdalus dulcis , Euphorbia cerifera cera, Theobroma cacao, Cocos nucifera, Ricinus communis, Simmondsia chinensis, Olea europaea, Citrus limon, Cymbopogon flexuosus
Apply to lips whenever desired.