Good Health Magnesium Cream 90g

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Good Health Magnesium Cream contains genuine Zechsteinâ„¢ magnesium chloride, the finest and purest natural magnesium chloride in the world. Combined with organic oils, Magnesium Cream provides fast support to soothe muscles and joints.
The skin is the body’s largest organ. Magnesium applied to the skin is directly and quickly absorbed through the skin by-passing the digestive processes completely. An advantage of magnesium cream is being able to apply it directly to the areas needed helping reduce body aches and pains easing Fatigue, sore achy muscles and joints. Transdermal Magnesium can raise magnesium levels faster restoring cellular magnesium levels without the side effects of sometimes experienced with oral magnesium.
Muscle aches
Joint aches
Cramps and twitches
Tight muscles
Athletes – assists physical performance & recovery
PMS (pre-menstrual cramps and period pain)
Fibromyalgia, migraines & headaches
Fast relief for aching muscles & joints directly to the spot
Fast acting

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