Fess Nasal Gel 15g

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FESS Nasal Gel is specially formulated with essential moisturisers (vitamin E, olive oil and sesame seed oil) to soothe, moisturise and relieve dry, sore noses. It is ideal for raw and chafed noses that often accompany nasal congestion.
Unlike petroleum jelly which creates a barrier but does not allow moisture to penetrate the skin, FESS Nasal Gel provides a protective barrier while still moisturising the sensitive skin around the nose.
The non-greasy formula helps relieve tender, dry, chafed or chapped noses. The non-medicated saline base makes it ideal for babies, children and adults.
Soothes, moisturises and relieves dry, chafed and sore noses
Gentle, non-greasy formula
Use as often as needed
Contains vitamin E, olive oil and sesame seed oil
Does not contain petroleum jelly

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