Ethique Shampoo Bar Sweet & Spicy 110g

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Volumising Shampoo Bar
Orange, cinnamon, ginger and salt feature heavily in this bar for a zesty, warming shampoo which brings life and volume to hair. Why salt? Salt adds heaps of volume to hair, leaving it soft but with life & bounce, adding a natural spring to your step.
The usual suspects cocoa butter & coconut oil appear too, making this the perfect shampoo for those with normal/slightly dry hair who need a bit of oomph in their morning shower.
Pro tip: We often get asked if we have a shampoo for beards and Sweet & Spicy is the perfect bar for that. Use on the beard as you would scalp.
100% soap free, pH balanced and safe for colour treated hair
Equivalent to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo.
Adds volume & bounce to hair.

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