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Hair Sampler

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Ethique Green In-Shower Container is made to extend the life of your bars by keeping them dry but allowing them to breathe. These are an improved design allowing you to fit one shampoo and one conditioner bar per container allowing greater airflow for better drying. (They dont fit the bodywash bars).

They are made with bamboo and cornstarch and are completely compostable but will last up to five years in your shower or bathroom.
Frizz Wrangler:, cocos nucifera, aqua, theobroma cacao,
, Heali Kiwi:, aqua, theobroma cacao, cocos nucifera, avena sativa kernel, azadirachta indica, karanja, citrus aurantifolia,
, St Clements:, aqua, theobroma cacao, ricinus communis, citrus aurantium dulcis, citrus aurantifolia,
, The Guardian:, cocos nucifera, theobroma cacao, citrus aurantifolia, aqua,
, Wonderbar:, theobroma cacao, cocos nucifera,
Frizz Wrangler, Heali Kiwi & St Clements:
Thoroughly wet your hair. Swipe the bar several times through your roots. Put the bar down. Work the product through your hair, it will lather up! Rinse and follow with conditioner if you need to.

The Guardian & Wonderbar:
After shampooing, slide the wet bar down your wet hair 4-5 times. Put the bar down and massage the conditioner into your locks. Leave for 1-2 minutes. Rinse and feel the magic!