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Ear pressure problems occur in about 25% of children that fly and 5% of adults. The problem is caused by rapid air pressure changes that occur when aeroplanes ascend or descend. Although aircrafts are designed to descend at a speed that doesn't cause problems to our middle ears sometimes our ears can't cope. The problem is usually caused by the eustachian tube which opens to equalise pressure inside the middle ear space with the outside air pressure. If this doesn't happen the person will experience severe ear pain. At extreme pressure changes it is even possible for the ear drum to rupture. The filter in the EarPlane actually slows the pressure changes down so that ears can cope more readily with the rapid changes of air pressure. Instead of an abrupt change in air pressure the person has a more painless gradual change in the pressure. While EarPlanes can be used if you have a cold or allergy they are definitely not recommended when an ear infection is present. In fact it is normally not recommended that you fly with an ear infection. If you are unsure as to whether you have an ear infection you must check with your own doctor before you fly.", '
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