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Coyne Healthcare Felix Advanced - 100% Pure Saffron Extract with BCM95 is a feel-good supplement with a highly specialised saffron extract made from the saffron crocus as well BCM-95®, the world’s leading bioavailable curcumin extract.

What is Felix Advanced Pure Saffron Extract with BCM95?

Saffron is well known for its culinary gift as a spice. However, it has also traditionally been used in ancient Persia for centuries to support mood, relieves stress and as a libido supporter. Modern science, has now confirmed saffron’s ability to help support mood, healthy appetite and libido in both men and women. In addition, BCM-95® has been added to the Felix Advanced® formula which has been shown to support balanced mood.
Ingredients Per 2 capsules:
Take: 1-3 softgel capsules per day.

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