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Glass Fermenting Weights

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Country Trading Co. Fermenting Lids are perfect for kombucha, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut and lactic vegetable ferments. These fermentation lids provide a waterless airlock that allows for small batch flexible fermenting in standard preserving jars.

Keep your vegetable and beverage ferments away from oxygen, dust, insects, and unwanted bacteria with these simple airlocks. No water, grommets, or plastic – these food-grade silicone lids and stainless bands release gas when pressure builds up without letting anything in. 

Use with standard wide-mouth mason jars and Glass Fermentation Weights for a complete home fermenting system.
  1. Prepare your ferment and pack into sterilised jars.
  2. Push down your ferment so that it is under the brine.
  3. Add a follower such as a clean piece of cabbage or grape leaf.
  4. Place the glass weight on the follower and fit an airlock lid to your jar.