Clinicians Hi-Dose Vitamin C Powder 300g

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A potent buffered formulation containing 2 forms of Vitamin C that may effectively support the immune system in times of stress.
Designed to support the body’s defenses against winter ills and chills
A specialised research-based buffered formulation containing 2 forms of vitamin C, (sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid) that may support immune function during times of stress
Studies indicate that frequent high dosing with vitamin C can significantly impact the recovery period following immune stress
Vitamin C may be depleted from the body during immune, physical and emotional stress, so more needs to be consumed at these times
Vitamin C is also required for hormone and neurotransmitter production
Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin that helps to protect our cells from free radical damage
Provides a high potency buffered vitamin C dosing to rapidly restore vitamin c levels when depletion occurs due to immune stress
Contains sodium ascorbate a buffered form of Vitamin C which is most well tolerated and very well absorbed.
The powder offers cost effective flexible dosing to meet individual needs
Contains no artificial colours or flavours
It can be used alongside conventional medicine
Can be taken daily for general health or high dose in times of immune stress

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