Clinicians Bladder Support and Cranberry 14 Sachets

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Clinicians Bladder Support & Cranberry combines the powerful effect of D-Mannose and Cranberries. It comes in a convenient sachet perfect for men, women and children that need fast acting urinary tract and bladder support.

Supports a healthy urinary tract.
Supports a healthy bladder function.
Can be used while pregnant, where the Vitamin C has been shown to give extra support for urinary health.
D-mannose lines the bladder and urinary tract supporting healthy levels of bacteria on the bladder and urethra wall. D-mannose passes out of the body via normal daily urination.
Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) is a fruit from a native North American shrub which has been investigated numerous times for supporting and maintaining urinary tract health. Not only has it been shown to support healthy levels of bacteria in the bladder and the urethra, but it also has an astringent property which helps support normal urinary tissue and muscle tone.
Natural – made from xylitol from plant sugars
Can be used for acute or chronic situations

Useful handy sachet for those that want portability and discretion.
Use for those that want the synergy of D-Mannose and Cranberries. The combination is more effective than each ingredient alone.
Suitable for both men and woman.
Ideal for short term or long term support.
Pleasant tasting, very well tolerated and mixes easily in water.
Provides cost effective flexible dosing for all age groups.
A natural alternative to support urinary tract health.
Can be used alongside conventional medicines.

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