Clearwayz (20 capsules)

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Clinicians Clearwayz™ is a unique dietary supplement formulated to support healthy sinus, respiratory and immune function. It supports clear airways in the sinuses and lungs and a healthy immune response. 
  • Clearwayz™ provides nutrients to support the nervous system, which supports normal blood flow in the sinuses and healthy mucous production
  • The active ingredients include Grapeseed an antioxidant that supports membrane tone, Choline which supports the balanced mucous secretion and L Arginine for supporting blood vessel relaxation and healthy blood flow to provide sinus and airway support with 60 minutes
  • Clearwayz™ uses patented Targeted Cellular Technology® a specific group of herbs and nutrients which optimise the absorption and utilisation of the actives for best effects
  • Day and night natural solution to support clear sinuses and healthy breathing
  • Sinus support for those on medications (except blood thinners) or those restricted with sinus solutions due to issues with hypertension 
  • A fast acting (with 60 minutes) non-drowsy solution
  • Clearwayz™ works in around 60 minutes and comes as an easy to take tablet
  • It is suitable for short or long term use and is well tolerated
  • Use Clearwayz™ for immediate support for ills and chills and allergens or longer term for sinus health
  • Suitable for children 7 years and over

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