Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil Soothing 100ml

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Restore your body with the intensively moisturising and stimulating power of 100% pure plant extracts in the Clarins Body Treatment "Relax" oil. Prevent dehydration, tone and hydrate the skin, and eliminate toxins with each and every application. The skin\'s structure is strengthened and tissue is firmed, improving natural elasticity whilst working to avoid a slack and spongy appearance. Especially useful in relieving stress and fatigue, this tonic oil will help to relax, soothe and replenish tired skin and restore a sense of well-being.
Warm a small amount between the palms and apply to dry or dampened skin from the ankles, right up to the waist in light, massaging motions. Concentrate on spots where tension accumulates, such as the neck and shoulders.

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