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Chantal Organics Organic Ginger Zest Granola contains gently toasted oats with a touch of warming spices and New Zealand dried plums which make for a delightfully unique breakfast blend. 

Enjoy by the handful, with your choice of milk or serve with fresh, seasonal fruit. To add a bit of texture and zingy flavour, replace oats with Chantal Organics Ginger Zest Granola in your favourite recipes such as muffins, biscuits or bars.

Packaging for this product is soft plastics recyclable and is made with 25% recycled plastic to reduce impact on the environment.
Can be eaten raw, toasted, ground into flour, enjoyed as a cereal or dessert topping or used in sweet and savoury baking. Blend with water and vanilla for a vegan hemp milk or add to smoothies and shakes for extra boost of easily digestible protein.

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