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Chantal Organics Organic Ginger Crunch & Plum Granola is a unique blend of ancient grains and super seeds to make a smart start to your day. A crunchy base of buckwheat, quinoa and almonds with hemp, chia and flaxseed, all rolled together with NZ plum and ginger for the most delicious way to fuel your morning.

  • This gluten free granola is high in fibre which supports regularity as part of a healthy and varied diet
  • Chantal Organics routinely test their gluten free Ginger Crunch & Plum Granola to ensure there are no traces of gluten
Packaging for this product is soft plastics recyclable and is made with 25% recycled plastic to reduce impact on the environment.
Enjoy by the handful, with a choice of milk or serve with fresh seasonal fruit. It also adds a bit of a zing to baking or to muffins, biscuits or bars.

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