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Caliwoods Stretch Silicone Lids contains 6 silicone stretch lids in multiple sizes that are made from food-safe silicone that are durable, flexible and stretchable. They are airtight and provide a leak proof seal and will fit circular, square and rectangular dishes as well as half cut fruit and vegetables.

Sizes: 6.5cm  |  9cm  |  11.5cm  |  14cm  |  16cm  |  20cm
Slide: Lid which has space for a Straw too -  so you can sip directly or use your CaliWoods Reusable Straw.
Keep your drinks even colder on a hot day - fill with ice cubes and the double walled Stainless Steel of the CaliWoods Tumbler will keep the coolness in with no condensation on the outside.

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