BoneCare Kids Calcium (Chews 60 Tablets)

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Clinicians BoneCare Kids contains a research based combination of vitamins and minerals needed to support healthy growing bones. The minerals in this formula are highly bioavailable and the calcium comes from Aquamin® , a red algae rich in trace mineral and shown to be better utilised than calcium carbonate (chalk) forms. This formula is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women and comes in easy-to-take tasty vanilla chews.
Optimal bone health requires more than Calcium and Vitamin D. Many people are unaware that other key minerals like Magnesium, Boron, Zinc and Manganese are also required as part of bone structure or are needed to support mineral utilisation or entry into the bone. Vitamins D is also required to support this process.
  • Support your children’s healthy bone development
  • Nutrients to support bone strength & repair
  • Bone support for pregnant & breastfeeding women

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