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Propolis & Manuka Honey UMF 10+ Lozenges

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Arataki Propolis Tincture FFL 30 is made from New Zealand Bee Propolis and contains a range of bioflavonoids which may be helpful in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Propolis is a botanical substance, aromatic and resinous in nature, which is exuded from the buds and bark of various trees. This natural plant substance has antibacterial properties which help to protect the tree from infection. Bees gather the propolis in tiny quantities to take back to their hives. The bees use the propolis to seal up the hive and to maintain a sterile environment within it, thereby protecting against bacterial and viral infections.

Bee Propolis is widely recognised as beneficial in supporting personal healthcare by being active against certain bacterial, fungal, viral and other types of infections and especially useful during times of seasonal epidemics when immune levels need to be increased. Arataki Propolis is created by New Zealand honey bees from the natural botanical resin produced by trees as part of their defence system. The honeybees collect the resin, mix in enzymes and beeswax, and use it as one of natures most amazing defence systems to protect the hive.

Arataki Propolis Extract FFL 30 is suitable to help support and maintain oral health and general wellbeing.

Slowly dissolve one lozenge in the mouth. Do not take more than 4 daily.