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Absolute Essentials Orange Sweet (Organic) is a warm, cheerful essential oil that can be used to help promote a positive outlook and complement harmony, courage and emotional balance. 
It has a range of cleansing, healing and tonic properties that support general body and skin care and repair. And an uplifting, fresh aroma that makes it popular in natural cleaning blends. 
As it is an Equaliser Orange Sweet blends well with most essential oils.

Immunity: Burn 3-5 drops in a diffuser with other antiseptic essential oils such as Lemon and Thyme to create an environmental disinfectant against colds, flu, and viral infections.

Muscular Tension: Oregano has a warming action that can be utilised in the treatment of muscular discomfort and stiffness. Add 5 drops to 10mls massage base and apply to affected area only. (Not suitable for neat application).

Nerve Tonic: Energises a tired mind and revives the senses, giving a feeling of well-being. Blend 2-3 drops with other uplifting essential oils for bath or diffuser.

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